Film & Television

at The Bottle Yard Studios

This Level 3 Extended Diploma is centred around delivering real life projects, in real working environments and often for commercial clients. On this course you’ll develop your skills across a number of disciplines including film-making, TV production, screenwriting, cinematography, editing, post production, special effects, visual effects, sound recording and sound design.

The course is built around projects which are designed to reflect working in the professional work place. Often you’ll be working with real clients on real commercial projects.

With the largest green screen in the country outside London, complete production villages and studio spaces of up to 18,000 square feet, The Bottle Yard Studios is the largest TV and Film facility in the West of England. It’s been home to a wide range of programmes and films, including Poldark, Broadchurch, Sherlock, Trollied, Wolfhall, The Crystal Maze and many more. On the course you’ll take part in creative projects designed to take advantage of this exciting location. You can also earn unique extra opportunities such as work placements, behind the scenes tours and insights, use of facilities and runner positions.

If you want a career in TV & Film Production this is the place to be.

You’ll be immersed in a creative professional environment, working in a living, breathing, Film & TV Studio with exceptional facilities and networks that can give you the competitive edge in the future.

Key Info

Recent Projects.

boomsatsuma courses hold immersion and opportunity at their core. The Film & Televsion Extended Diploma changes its projects and students' outcomes year on year, by making new connections with specialists and building industry-facing projects. This allows students to not only gain a valuable qualification, but, at the same time, develop a realistic and well-informed portfolio of experience at the earliest stages of their career.

NASA Documentary with RPS

Students collaborated with Royal Photographic Society and AgeUK to produce a film celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Moon landings. The team worked to build rapport with several subjects that still had a connection to the event - and captured those precious memories on film. The film was screened alongside 'Space Dust' at RPS' new headquarters in Bristol. Credit: 'boom/RPS Screening' poster by Alex

Visual and Special Effects

Student were briefed to explore various Special Effects and Visual Effects techniques from industry ranging from prosthetics, makeup, and prop-making. The project began with a trip to the national Prosthetics Event to meet filmmakers from around the world. To put these new skills into practice, students then wrote and directed their own horror short film to incorporate their favourite techniques.

Marketing and Distribution

Most creative outcome projects on the course have been topped off with exploration of how filmmakers' both market and distribute their content once its complete. Students explore distribution channels, festival circuits and their target audience to develop understanding of reach. Credit: 'Black Thread' poster by Frankie.

Course Structure.


  • 3 and 4 point lighting

  • High and Low Key Lighting

  • Lighting to create mood and effect

  • Lighting colour temperature


  • Foley Sound Recording

  • On location sound recording

  • Boom operation and recording dialogue

  • Microphone Selection


  • Professional Production Camera Skills

  • Manual camera settings

  • Sensor Types (full frame, 35mm, and APS-C)

  • Dynamic Range

  • White Balance

  • Cine Lenses


  • Premiere Pro

  • After Effects

  • Photoshop


  • Colour grading and LUTS

  • Recording Formats

  • Visual Effects, Motion Tracking, Masking, Compositing

  • Titles/Screen Design

  • Video and Audio Transitions

  • Interview setups and techniques

  • Cinematography -framing, camera angles and movements

  • Rigging and Follow Focus

  • Scriptwriting, adaptation, formatting, creating character and building narrative


  • 2 minutes showreel

  • Professional standards on set

  • Experience in multiple crew roles

  • Understanding and Meeting Competition and Festival Guidelines

  • Directing Actors and Crew

Art & Design

  • Runner

  • Costume/Stylist Assistant

  • Hair/Make up Assistant

  • Art Department Runner

  • Costume Supervisor

  • Art Department Assistant

  • Hair & Makeup Artist

  • Art Director

  • Production Buyer

  • Production Designer

  • Prop Designer

  • Set Designer

  • Hair & Make up Designer

  • Costume Designer/Stylist

Sound & Lighting

  • HIT Room Assistant

  • Art Department Runner

  • Studio Runner

  • Sound Assistant

  • Spark Electrician

  • Lighting Console Operator

  • Grams Operator

  • Lighting Designer

  • Senior Electrician

  • Lighting Director

  • Sound Designer

  • Sound Recordist

  • Sound Supervisor

Student Spotlight.