BA (Hons)

game art. 


Develop creative and technical skills in 3D game technologies and prepare for a range of careers with our Game Art degree.

  • Use game technologies to prepare for the roles of the future – in a range of industries.

  • Develop the creative and technical skills you need to turn your original ideas into reality.

  • Create unique products and experiences across a range of disciplines.

This BA (Hons) in Game Art will equip you with the creative and technical skills to design and apply production solutions for a career in games. 

The degree adopts an applied approach to developing IT skills and digital literacy, along with the contexts, tools and workflows that underpin the production of compelling assets for games, virtual production and XR applications. 

This course will focus you on multidisciplinary practice and experimentation, engaging you in important learning competencies, from workflow planning perspectives to artistic output for character creation and environment design. 

Experienced teaching staff and industry professionals will deliver the course at our BoomXR studios.  The curriculum is augmented by industry- based insight, throughout all levels of study, giving you relevant professional skills, with briefs issued by our commercial partners to work on. 

We will focus on your continuous development, to emerge ready for careers as creative, technical individuals, who communicate collaboratively, confident in your knowledge of the commercial dimensions of the game art and virtual production sectors.


HOW LONG? Three years   WHERE? Tobacco Factory, Southville, Bristol   UCAS CODE BS02   


course overview.

The BA (Hons) Games Art modules incorporate learning methods that include studio work, project design and development, co-creativity projects and deep-dive study, helping you gain a production-led understanding of the functions and effects of game art in a fast-moving industrial landscape.

You will be introduced to the concepts, tools and techniques that underpin game art. Module content includes 3D modelling, rigging, texturing and animation, motion capture and asset preparation for game engines. 

Course assessment projects are built around the importance of contextualising work accurately, autonomous thinking, research and development, evaluating outputs critically, and communicating in ways that are meaningful to both specialist and general audiences.

The course follows a natural trajectory that establishes core skills early, before expanding into topics that spotlight innovative practice and employability. Core elements include 3D and real-time asset production, exploring emerging environments for game art, industry-standard workflows and standards, collaborative practice and industry insights and developing creative thinking and problem-solving skills through artistic and technical enquiry.

You will develop knowledge across all of the emerging fields of XR and virtual production, while allowing you space to investigate specialist topics.

Hone your creative flair and technical proficiency to devise and produce professional projects, building a portfolio that showcases your skills to potential future employers or clients.

course structure.

year one.

  • 3D Environment Art – Design, model, texture and light 3D Environments for real time applications.

  • 3D Character Art – Design, model, sculpt and skin 3D characters.

  • 2D Art and Animation – Conceive and create the 2D imagery and animations that support your 3D work.

  • 3D Animation & Rigging – Impart the physics and mechanics required to bring your 3D assets to life.

  • Multidisciplinary Pre-production Practices – Plan a professional production that spans media disciplines.

year two.

  • Multidisciplinary Production Practices - Produce a professional production that spans media disciplines.

  • Virtual Production Design – Design a traditional linear narrative to stage virtually.

  • 3D Procedural Modelling – Maximise modelling workflows by automating production of large 3D asset arrays using procedural technologies.

  • Virtual Lights & Cameras – Understand and direct cameras and lighting in virtual and real-world scenarios.

  • Game Engines Beyond Recreation – Build a simulation or application for use in industries outside of games.

  • Virtual Production Build – Realise the narrative designed in V.P.D. as a scene inside a game engine.

year three.

application and typical offers.

We’re proud to welcome applications from all subject backgrounds at boomsatsuma, and consider them on individual potential. Whether having previously studied STEM, arts or humanities subjects, applicants are invited to an interview or audition with us to demonstrate this, as well as communicate what inspired them to apply to us.

When applying through UCAS, use our institution code: B20 and course code: BS02. UCAS entry requirements are primarily made up from Level 3 qualifications such as, but not limited to BTEC Diplomas, A Levels or a Foundation Diploma.


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  • Art, Science & Philosophy of Interactive and Immersive Media – Investigate the origins and ethics of the consumption and application of games / XR and their associated technologies.

  • Publication, Networking and Marketing – Learn how to value your work and your skills. Monetise your assets and generate alternative streams of revenue. Build relationships and realise opportunities to get your work noticed.

  • Tool Design – Design a tool that will benefit a Game Art production process.

  • Tool Creation - Build a tool that will benefit a Game Art production process.

  • Game Art Devised Project – Design and build a game, XR application or virtual production.

entry requirements.

  • A level - CCC

  • Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma (first teaching from September 2016) - MMM

  • Access to HE Diploma - M: 15 credits P: 45 credits

  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme - 26 points

course fees.


uk students full time

2021/22 Entry

Year 1 - £9,250

Year 2 - Published Jan 2022

Year 3 - Published Jan 2023

2022/23 Entry

Year 1 - Published Jan 2022

Year 2 - Published Jan 2023

Year 3 - Published Jan 2024


international students full time

2021/22 Entry

Year 1 - £14,925

Year 2 - Published Jan 2022

Year 3 - Published Jan 2023

2022/23 Entry

Year 1 - Published Jan 2022

Year 2 - Published Jan 2023

Year 3 - Published Jan 2024

Greg Jamieson 2020.jpg

course leader

greg jamieson.

Greg Jamieson is a multidisciplinary artist working with games, XR, audio and film. He has been teaching for over 12 years. With a BSc in Physics from the Open University, Greg has applied his love of science and mathematics to the digital arts to develop unique and relevant educational programmes across games, XR, VFX and audio production, with multiple FE & HE institutions.


His projects are produced via multiple platforms and formats, often coordinating the workflows and pipelines across disciplines to produce products that harness toolsets and protocols across multiple industries.

Greg has recently been focused on real time production using Unreal Engine and championing the use of games technologies in all of boomsatsuma’s creative pathways. 

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Interviews for our course start from 1st September 2020.

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