12th - 15th Feb 2020

Someone sneezes. Someone can’t get a signal. Someone shares a secret. Someone won’t answer the door and someone’s never felt like this before...


Bristol, The Station

Love & Information

 By Caryl Churchill | Directed by Julia Head

21st - 22nd Feb 2020

On a Midsummer’s night, four young lovers find themselves wrapped in the dream-like arms of an enchanted forest where sprites lurk and fairies rule.


Oxford, Pegasus Theatre

A Midsummer Night's Dream

 By William Shakespeare | Directed by Renata Allen

20th - 21st May 2020

A ridiculous comic parody of classical tragedies about an enormously fat man who murders Good King Wenceslas to take the throne of Poland. 


Bristol, Improv Theatre


 By Alfred Jarry | Directed by Toby Hulse

9th - 11th July 2020

A bride promised, a blood vow broken and the vengeance of a village unleashed. Passions and traditions collide with unstoppable consequences.


Bristol, Tobacco Factory

Blood Wedding

 By Federico García Lorca | Directed by Sam Bridges

13th - 15th Feb 2020

Liam has no job, no money, no place he has to be and he’s looking for some help. Trouble is, he can’t quite get his words out and no-one wants to listen.


Bristol, The Station


 By Leo Butler | Directed by Chloe Masterton

20th - 22nd Feb 2020

When a naked photograph of schoolgirl Scarlett goes viral, rumours spread across smartphones like wildfire and her reputation in the school becomes toxic.


Oxford, Pegasus Theatre

Girls Like That

 By Evan Placey | Directed by Kevin Tomlinson

28th - 30th May 2020

It’s 1980s Berlin on the border between East and West. The Cold War rages and the world sits at a crossroads between Capitalism and Communism.


Bristol, Tobacco Factory


 By Georg Buchner | Directed by Stuart Wood

16th - 18th July 2020

In a Gotham like city, a depletion of the Earth's water supply has led to a ban on private toilets and the privilege to pee is regulated by a malevolent company...


Bristol, Redgrave Theatre

Urinetown: The Musical

 By Greg Kotis & Mark Hollmann | Directed by Stuart Wood

14th - 15th Feb 2020

A double bill performance of Dawn King's Salt and Simon Stephen's Port by first year students on the Oxford Professional Acting Diploma at boomsatsuma.


Oxford, Pegasus Theatre

Salt & Port

 Directed by John McCraw & Ken Palmer

27th - 29th February 2020

A double bill performance of Mojisola Adebayo's Wind/Rush Generation(s) and Hattie Naylor's A Marxist in Heaven, as part of the NT Connections Festival.


Bristol, Redgrave Theatre

NT Connections 2020

Directed by Sam Bridges & Hanna Lune

4th - 6th July 2020

Three sisters from a dysfunctional Mississippi family deal with the consequences of their crimes of the heart. When life gives you lemons...


Bath, Rondo Theatre

Crimes of the Heart

 By Beth Henley | Directed by Nancy Medina


10th December 2019

A collection of 10 dance pieces performed by 1st year dance students and choreographed by Adele Proctor, Deepraj Singh and Bryn Thomas and centred around the theme of telling stories.


Bristol, The Trinity Centre

Book of Short Stories

Choreographed by Adele Proctor

13th - 15th Feb 2019

The sunny 50s seaside town of Illyria is about to be turned on its head with the arrival of the shipwrecked Viola. Nothing and no-one is quite what they first seem...


Bristol, The Redgrave Theatre

Twelfth Night

 By William Shakespeare | Directed by Toby Hulse

27th - 28th Feb 2018

Sarah goes to a party and gets drunk. A photo of her at the party circulates amongst all her classmates and soon different versions of the truth are navigating through social media.


Bristol, The Redgrave Theatre

When They Go Low

 By Natalie Mitchell | Directed by Nancy Medina

18th - 21st July 2019

It’s 1891, and grown-ups hold all the cards. With only each other for guidance, this group of young men and women travel the fraught and rocky path of adolescence.


Bristol, The Redgrave Theatre

Spring Awakening

 By Steven Slater & Duncan Sheik | Directed by Stuart Wood

5th - 6th April 2019

A bunch of teenagers wake up in the middle of the forest with no memory of how they got there or even… Who they are. All they know if half of them are wearing red and the other green.


Bristol, Bristol Old Vic


 By Rob Drummond | Directed by Nancy Medina

10th - 12th July 2019

It’s 1899 and all of Europe waits for the arrival of the new century. The world crackles with possibilities and people dance to the irresistible rhythms of money, sex, love and freedom.


Bristol, Circomedia

Nights at the Circus

 By Tom Morris & Emma Rice | Directed by Sam Bridges

6th - 9th Feb 2019

Bullet doesn't want to call a hostel home. Eritrean Girl was smuggled here in the back of a lorry. Singing Boy dreams of seeing his name in lights and Garden Boy just wants to feel safe...


Bristol, The PRSC


 By Nadia Fall | Directed by Aaron Parsons

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